Breast Reconstruction

The decision to have reconstructive breast surgery is a very personal one. The goal of the procedure is to help cancer survivors who have had or will have to have a mastectomy to complete the healing process—especially the emotional healing process—by restoring a sense of wholeness, or a psychological and physical sense of feeling complete.

Dr. Sadeghi offers several options of leading-edge microsurgical techniques to ensure each patient receives the utmost personalized care. Other options include the timing of the reconstructive breast surgery, which can be performed at the same time of mastectomy or can be scheduled at a later date. When given the option, many women elect to have their breast reconstruction surgery done simultaneously with the mastectomy. This eliminates the need for a second major operation, which would also require separate recovery times.

Your best option for reconstructive breast surgery is highly dependent upon your body and specific needs. During your consultation, Dr. Sadeghi will discuss the options that are best suited to you, including the popular option of the perforator flap breast reconstruction, in which the breasts are rebuilt using existing fatty tissue from another part of your body—usually the abdomen, thighs, or buttock area.

Autologous tissue breast reconstruction is for patients who have their new breast constructed using the body’s own fat instead of an artificial implant. The tissue may come from your abdomen, buttock, or thighs, and consists of only fat and skin, so there is no need to sacrifice important muscles. These leading-edge procedures are becoming the benchmark of breast reconstruction surgery in the United States, and have been performed in Europe for many years with excellent results.

Over the years, procedures like DIEP breast reconstruction, perforator flap breast reconstruction, and GAP flap reconstruction, among others, have been refined to provide patients with a more natural result.

Getting Started – Breast Reconstruction in New Orleans

Breast Reconstruction Experts: Dr. Sadeghi takes pride in being part of a skilled and experienced team of professionals which supports you through the entire process, from breast cancer diagnosis to recovery.

Surgery Timing: Your breast reconstruction, at our world-class New Orleans surgical center can be performed at the time of mastectomy, or can be scheduled at a later date.

Reconstructive Procedures: Learn about the breast reconstruction procedures used to replace the removed breast and help you restore your shape.

Breast Reconstruction Patient Resources: There are many resources available to our patients, both before and after breast reconstruction.

We will help educate and answer your breast reconstruction questions during your consultation. We understand that it is important to trust and be comfortable with your surgeon during this stressful and difficult time.

Mastectomy patients in New Orleans, and all around the United States, choose breast surgeon Dr. Ali Sadeghi for microsurgical breast reconstruction. To meet with Dr. Sadeghi, request a consultation online, or call our office at 504.210.3831 to speak with our helpful staff.

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