Correct Breast Defects from Lumpectomy

At the Aesthetic & Reconstructive Breast Center, we realize that at times, lumpectomy defects leave disfiguring scars and deformities on the breast.

Lumpectomy is most commonly the first treatment option for women with early-stage breast cancer. Unlike with a mastectomy, only a portion of the breast is removed during a lumpectomy: the lump, and a small amount of normal tissue around the lump. Clean surgical margins help ensure that all the cancer or abnormal tissue is removed. In cases where cancer is found, lumpectomy is usually followed by radiation therapy to reduce the chances of cancer returning.

Breast reconstruction following lumpectomy is becoming routine, as conservation of the breast becomes more sophisticated. Many times, lumpectomy defects can quite noticeable.

Reconstructive procedures can be performed at the time of lumpectomy, or years afterward. If you have had lumpectomies that require breast reconstruction, you can still take advantage of Dr. Sadeghi’s innovative techniques.

Correction is made often times with fat grafting to the breasts or with flaps form other parts of the body that help correct the contour irregularities created by lumpectomy.

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