At the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery, your health, well being and confidence are our top priorities. Our highly-trained staff is ready to assist you with the most advanced techniques in Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Skin Care, Body Contouring, Injectables, and Laser Treatments. We see many patients seeking corrective breast reconstruction after previous failed breast reconstruction procedures, or who have poor breast reconstruction surgery results. Many of these patients are having problems with the implants used in reconstruction. Using Dr. Sadeghi’s highly developed microsurgical procedures, even the poorest of reconstructive surgery outcomes can be corrected or dramatically improved. Implants can be removed and natural tissue reconstruction can be performed. Perforator Flaps can be used to reconstruct the breasts for revision or redo surgeries.

The 1998 Federal Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act mandates that insurance plans provide coverage for all phases of breast reconstruction, including revision surgery to correct symmetry and contour issues.

We can help check with your insurance carrier and request a predetermination of benefits to be certain.

Correction is often made with fat grafting to the breasts or with flaps from other parts of the body that help correct the contour irregularities created by lumpectomy.