Mastopexy is another procedure that is used during cancer surgery. We can remove the breast cancer using incisions used for a breast lift and by lifting the breast at the same time, the defect is hidden. A breast lift is done on the contralateral breast to achieve symmetry. The result is that the patient has a lumpectomy and a breast lift at the same time and the defect is hidden. We have had very positive feedback from patients who undergo this procedure and most people cannot believe that they have had cancer surgery.

First, the patient’s lumpectomy incision is strategically positioned in the least obvious area. Often, this means that the incision is placed in the lateral breast, under the breast in the inframammary fold or in the periareolar area.

If the patient needs axillary or underarm surgery, it’s sometimes possible to use the same incision that we do for the breast.

Next, Dr. Sadeghi repositions the breast’s remaining fatty tissue to fill the loss created by lumpectomy. The breast can then be lifted to hide the defect. The other breast is also lifted to create symmetry.

Patients who have undergone this procedure are incredibly pleased with their results. Sometimes, people can’t even believe that they have undergone cancer surgery.

At the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery, we don’t only offer mastectomy, but also treat breast cancer patients who chose to keep their breasts and are good candidates for breast conservation surgery. We use plastic surgery techniques and combine them with surgery for the removal of cancer, also known as oncoplastic surgery. This way, we can achieve superior aesthetic results. It is our philosophy that women should not have to be subjected to deforming surgery because they have breast cancer. We can perform local tissue rearrangement, mastopexy and breast reduction surgery as part of the cancer operation to achieve a result that treats the breast cancer and helps to make the breast look its best.