It is possible to perform breast reconstruction with the use of implants and regenerative tissue matrix in one operation.

Implant reconstruction can be selected for patients who do not wish to undergo breast reconstruction using natural fatty tissue. In the majority of women undergoing this procedure, a two-step reconstructive procedure is performed. However, in selected patients, this procedure can be performed in one operation where, at the time of the mastectomy, the implant is used to reconstruct the breast with the aid and support of a regenerative tissue matrix.

With advances in implant technology, improvements have been made to the silicone shell and firm, stable gel interior of implants. However, capsular contracture remains a real risk after implant reconstruction, and this may necessitate revision surgeries in the future.

Candidates for this procedure are patients with early breast cancer or patients in need of prophylactic nipple-sparing or skin-sparing mastectomies who have smaller breasts (usually less than a C-cup size). Patients needing radiation therapy are not ideal candidates for this operation. Smokers are urged to quit smoking prior to this type of reconstruction.