Dr. Sadeghi is one of the pioneers of the PAP Flap. This reconstructive option was introduced in 2012 by a team of highly specialized reconstructive microsurgeons including Dr. Sadeghi. This reconstructive option considers the use of tissue from the posterior thighs for reconstruction of the breasts without sacrificing muscle function.

The PAP Flap was created and perfected in our breast center, and has been refined over the past five years to provide patients with a natural-looking result. Profunda artery perforator (PAP) flap allows the surgeon to use fat and skin from the posterior thigh, underneath the buttock crease. The tissue removed is typically the same tissue that would be discarded in a thigh lift. However, in this procedure, the tissue is used along with its vital blood vessels to reconstruct breasts. The main advantage of this procedure is that the donor site scar falls in the crease of the buttock as it would in a thigh lift. This procedure is optimal for patients who have had previous surgery that precludes the use of the abdomen as a donor site.

Our patients have been very pleased with the introduction of this procedure and the results from both the breast recipient site, and the donor site are superior. With the introduction of this flap, we no longer need to perform TUG flap. The TUG flap sacrifices the Gracilis muscle in the thigh for breast reconstruction. In our breast center, we believe that natural breasts do not contain muscle tissue and therefore muscles should not be used in breast reconstruction.