Who Can Get a Thigh Lift?

Men and women who have loose or sagging skin on the thighs, or who would like more beautiful legs, may opt for a thigh lift. Much like the arm lift, this procedure removes excess skin, and sometimes fat, to smooth the shape and surface of the thighs.

If you’ve recently lost significant weight, and your skin hasn’t firmed up to where you’d like it, a thigh lift can help tighten skin to your new body contours.


The Thigh Lift Procedure

Thigh lifts target skin that has lost elasticity. Those who are looking to remove stubborn thigh fat may be better candidates for liposuction. However, Dr. Sadeghi often combines these two procedures for especially impactful results.


Risks of the Thigh Lift Procedure

A thigh lift involves general surgical risk, including anesthesia effects, scarring, and the potential need for touch-up procedures. See our patient gallery or testimonials.


Recovering From Your Thigh Lift

You’ll need to avoid placing unnecessary stress on your thighs immediately after surgery. In addition, you’ll wear compression garments over your incisions as you heal; these garments aid in reducing edema, or swelling.

Small, thin drainage tubes may also be placed under the skin at the incision site(s) to help reduce fluid buildup.

Dr. Sadeghi strongly recommends bed rest for the first 14 days following your thigh lift surgery. It’s best to return to work part-time at first—often, patients can feel tired for up to six weeks following a thigh lift procedure.